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Superior fitness through constant competition.

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​FitFight is a combat veteran owned and operated mobile platform that allows every user to engage in fitness competitions. We were founded on the principle that superior fitness can be achieved through constant competition. 



Set the task and standards for your event. Compete with FitFighters from all over the world. Easily connect friends and

competitors through social media.


Alone or with a friend, record your best efforts. Using the app and your best judgement, score your video. Submit it to judges and wait for the results.

What is FitFight?

Our vision

FitFight is the first and only, global fitness competition company. We are founded on the belief that competition breeds peak performance. In the absence of being tested working out is limited in its impact.  We seek to mobilize individuals to train and compete. We are igniting the spirit of athletic competition in 38 countries and counting. We are a company of soldiers, warriors, and athletes. We are FitFighters.

Cutting edge technology

The FitFight app is the first and only asynchronous fitness competition platform. We connect athletes everywhere a mobile network exists.



FitFighters are mobilizing across the globe...

What are you waiting for? Download now and make your mark.



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